The Leader’s Edge

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“The Leader’s Edge” shows you how to use industry peer groups to transform and grow your business.

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Jeffrey Scott’s book, The Leader’s Edge, shows you how to ignite your passion, gain accountability, and get more insight into your own leadership style through the confidential process of an industry peer group. This book is for owners and leaders of landscape/lawn/tree care businesses who want to learn new methods for improving their management skills and for transforming and growing their businesses. It shows you how to leverage the insights and experience of a facilitated peer group to do things differently – and to secure better results for yourself and your company.

Learn how to use a peer group to:

  1. Increase accountability
  2. Improve profits and cash flow
  3. Reduce stress and and solve issues
  4. Enjoy camaraderie from trusted peers
  5. Gain insight into your own leadership
  6. Improve your management skills
  7. Discover and implement better ideas, systems and techniques
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About The Author

The leading expert on achieving unprecedented business growth, Jeffrey specializes in building profitable, valuable contracting companies—from the inside out. With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, owner and consultant in the landscape and general contracting industry, he has an inside view of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by his clients.Jeffrey combines the systems thinking and structure from his engineering studies, together with the human resource and financial acumen gained from his MBA, to help his clients rapidly organize and grow their businesses.Jeffrey is known for establishing strong accountability, innovation and financial literacy within organizations. His proprietary systems and programs are customized to enable each client to fast-track their path to a dramatically better business.