Do You Have Grit?

Oct 18, 2016 | Growth Tips

Bill Gates once said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” I agree with Bill and I have my own twist: “Most people over estimate what they can get done in a month and under estimate what they can get done in a year.”

The most productive companies I work with have a positive outlook and approach to life, called Grit. Grit is defined as resolve, determination and perseverance. Do You and Your Employees Have Grit?

Case study: This summer I was on the phone with a company from Tennessee, and their two top production leaders suddenly left for reasons beyond their control—and they were temporarily flummoxed. Because of their Grit, and our combined knowledge of recruiting best practices, they were able to replace both people within a month(!), and add two more young promising upstarts. From this setback, they have developed a shock-and-awe recruiting system that will speed up their growth for years to come. That is a direct benefit of Grit!

Case study: Last month Peg (a member of one of my peer groups), reported she is on track for over 20% profit. She has made jumps every year through her dedication to constant and never ending improvement. This summer she took off 14 days and came back delighted at the numbers and smooth running business. It has not always been easy. After years of struggling and a couple major set backs she mused about selling the business, but instead she re-engaged, re-focused her efforts on building her team and systems, and transformed her business into a Destination Company®. (To learn more, see my gift below.) It can feel difficult in the temporary valley of struggle—embrace grit and you are carried upward and onward.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: Positive outlook and constant forward momentum, even in the face of temporary setbacks, are the common denominators of successful leaders.

Take Action:

  • Create monthly accountability for you and your team, to keep momentum through all four seasons.
  • Find the opportunity in every setback so it becomes a spring-forward.
  • Come to work every morning with a positive attitude, it is infectious.