Seven Steps To Growth, the Mariani Way.

Mar 14, 2023 | client, Financial, Growth Tips, Income, Management, Peer Groups, Pricing, Strategy

Do you know how Mariani got to the size they are today?

I am not talking about their acquisitions; I mean before that.

How did they achieve their long standing organic growth?

Seven Steps to Organic Growth 

As I prepare for our upcoming Summer Growth Summit at Mariani Landscape this August, I have been contemplating the question of their growth.

Of course, you will get the chance to ask him yourself when you come to our Summit, but I have known Frank for years and here is what I have witnessed.

1. Act professional no matter your size.

When Frank started off all those years ago, he acted like a much larger, more professional firm.

He did strategic planning with his team from the very beginning. Setting goals and reviewing results regularly.

2. Don’t be the only leader.

He surrounded himself with smart, driven people, learning from others and investing in leaders.

He built his team quickly.

3. Work harder and smarter.

Mariani worked both hard and smart. (It can’t be just one, it needs to be both.)

For example, he would price his maintenance core services in a way that the client would say Yes (not too high), and then he could price his enhancement services accordingly so that the client’s total margin made dollars and sense.

But it still takes hussle to make that approach work!

4. Stay glued to your customers.

Mariani has a huge focus on customer service. It’s steeped into their culture.

Knowledgeable and affluent clients want the best, not just the best in landscape, but the best professionalism overall.

I know from my personal experience working in a high-end market that there is no replacement for exceptional service.

5. Service is equal to sales.

Mariani has succeeded in building a structure to provide proactive, high touch service with opportunities for clients to buy extras and buy more solutions.

A buying customer is a happy customer.

And yet, when the economy would soften in Chicago every now and then, Mariani would double down on customer service.

Keep your friends close and your clients closer!

6. Hire above your fighting weight.

Some of Mariani’s great hires are still with Frank decades later.

He didn’t just hire ‘good enough’, rather he hired people that could take him across a further finish line years later.

7. Be scrappy and ever-present.

Growing up in Chicago didn’t hurt Mariani’s opportunities for growth.

The north shore has a great big market. But it’s also a competitive market, so you must fight for your market share.

Frank is a fighter, and he doesn’t seem to sleep nights or on the weekend. He is always networking, meeting people and relationship building.

It’s like the expression “last man standing”, except its “last person networking” that wins.

The good news for you: Everything Frank did is copy-able.

You can do this too.

It just takes inspiration and knowing where to begin.

I hope this spurs you to action

Regards, Jeffrey !

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