Hear From A Time-Tested CEO On Running A Dynamic Family Business


Webinar #4: GROWING A THRIVING FAMILY BUSINESS – October 25, Wednesday, 1pm ET. Register here.

Family businesses can be large, dynamic and super successful – how successful is yours?

At their heart, all companies are family businesses “full of families”. Learn how to tap into that, and protect and exploit it. This webinar will help you build your legacy and competitive advantage:

  • Creating a “fair” and thriving environment for employees, family and owners
  • Enjoy more success, by avoiding generational perfection 
  • Increase productivity, by shifting focus from activities to results 
  • Create tomorrow’s leaders with a broader family legacy

You will be able to make significant improvements in your business by learning how to:

– Create powerful buy in and renewed purpose for employees and family alike.

– Ensure continued growth in the next decade and generation

– Improve employee retention, loyalty, enthusiasm and engagement

GUEST SPEAKER: Seneca Hull, President, Franz Witte Landscape Contracting, Boise, Idaho.

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