How A Peer Group Helped Me Twenty Years Ago

Jul 20, 2022 | Growth Tips, Leadership, Peer Groups

Why Go It Alone?

Twenty+ years ago when I took over the helm of my family’s business, I searched for a group of peers to help me make better decisions and give me support.

Not just because it’s lonely at the top.

But also because I needed better ideas and critical feedback.

I joined a general business group called Vistage. While it was helpful, I needed more.

I wanted an environment where everyone understood my unique issues and challenges as a landscape business owner.

Hanging Up The Shingle

When I decided to hang up my Consulting shingle: I started up my own (Leader’s Edge) Peer Group, and I fashioned it around our unique needs in the green industry.

I added things I wished I had twenty years ago:

  • Better benchmarking
  • More best practices and guidelines
  • Better systems sharing
  • More community

Today, I am proud to say I have created a great group of over a 100 successful peer group members across the USA and Canada.

How A Peer Group Helped Me Twenty Years Ago

Navigating The Challenges

Over the years our members have experienced different challenges, e.g.

  • Ongoing employee issues
  • The pandemic
  • Threats of recession
  • Supply constraints
  • Business expansion needs, and
  • The challenge of a booming economy

All of these situations need wise counsel which we provide.

Plus our members hold each other to the highest standards.

We help each other juggle and meet the needs of the different stakeholders; e.g. your employees, clients, community, yourself, and your own family!

Community Support Like No Other

Our peer group community has really come together the past few years.

The value happens in our different formats: during our all-member events, during our individual peer group meetings and in personal check-ins.

We have collectively become a force of nature, a source of amazing knowledge and friendship.

And a community to turn to in times of personal need, as well as celebration.

It’s Changed So Many Lives

It has helped landscape entrepreneurs to greatly excel, find their joy again, and achieve levels they only have dreamed (or maybe never dreamed of.)

It makes me proud!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!