How Are You Leading in Times of Spring Stress?

Apr 24, 2018 | Growth Tips

Spring can be difficult time for some; here is a personal story and a tool to help you thrive.

A Texas Journey: My family flew from St. George, Utah down to El Paso, and then drove 3 hours south towards Marfa TX. It was an emotional time as we drove deep into the heart of Far West Texas.

I used to think of Southern Utah as sparse, but I now think of it as Disney Land in comparison to the flat, dusty terrain of I-10 along the Rio Grande border.

This was an emotional time for my family, dropping off our daughter at her second therapeutic boarding school. She has been away for 22 months, and her journey of self-discovery continues. We have high hopes that her new home will give her the tools to prepare for the path of life. She has great leaders supporting her development!

Are you enjoying the journey?

Why am I sharing this?

Because you are working through the crazy nature of Spring, hoping to retain, motivate and steer your troops. To succeed, you need them to gel into high performing teams. It can be a trying time for you, especially for those who have experienced extreme weather.

But for your team, it can be even more trying.

What’s their story? Many employees have their own personal story they are bringing with them to work. Everyone has personal issues at play: Some are extremely positive, some are new and curious, and some are distracting and stressful.

You don’t need to solve everyone’s issues, but you do need to be aware that there are larger dynamics at play. When someone is temporarily not on their A game, there is a reason.

The better you know your team and their story, and consequently the more intentional time you spend with them, the better your chances of helping them become a true Super Team™

A useful tool: A great client that I admire, Leigh Townsend (President of J.W. Townsend Landscapes, in Charlottesville) does an excellent job of checking in with his leaders. He starts by asking them, How are things going personally on a scale of 0 – 10?

My challenge to you: As you navigate the stressors, don’t let your own emotions get in the way of leading your team through the Spring, and reading and dealing with their emotions. That’s the hallmark of a true Destination Company® leader.

Let me know if you are hitting any recurring obstacles in your quest to becoming A Destination Company® leader?