How Effective Is Your Second in Command?

Oct 10, 2017 | Growth Tips

Behind every successful owner, President or Division Leader, there is a successful #2 person acting in a crucial support position!

They come with titles like COO, GM, Operations Manager, Division Leader, Lead Supervisor, etc.

They play the role of implementation of new ideas, systems development and integration, and organizer of people, resources and schedules.

They meet budgets and act as a filter or backstop to your new ideas.

In large firms they have other managers and branch managers underneath them. In small firms and large divisions, they may be the Operations Manager or Assistant Manager (and thus require technical skills, but they will need people skills in order to thrive.)

The key to your #2’s success, no matter the size, is that they can grow dramatically in their job:

  • They bring intellect, thirst for knowledge, and the ability to think and plan ahead
  • They can manage a demanding and growing operations
  • They have the capacity to juggle and handle more, so that their leader/boss can delegate more.

You and his or her ultimate success come from a written joint job description that outlines what each person (#1 and #2) does for each other! Mutual clarity and accountability is key.

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