How to Get Your Landscape Team Winning Like Tom Brady

Feb 2, 2021 | Blog, Strategy

It has been an amazing few weeks in football, which reveals a huge lesson for everyone in business or sports: The art of winning.

Tom Brady, the ex-quarterback (QB) of the New England Patriots, and the current QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, shows what it takes to build a winning team.

As a long-time New Orleans Saints fan, I was not too pleased to see Tom Brady and his team handily win over the Saints a couple weeks ago.

And then two weeks back Tom did it again, beating a team that on paper was superior: the Green Bay Packers.

Now Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl again. Up till now, he has appeared in 9 Super Bowls, and has 6 Super Bowl championship rings as a result of his relentless approach to winning.

Will he do it again, and win over the Kansas City Chiefs?

On paper, the answer is No, but I personally wouldn’t bet against him.

Tom Brady has an infectious approach to winning that any team could learn from. Discover how to keep your team winning like Tom Brady with these tips: Share on X

Winning is a Habit and a Strategy

For leaders like Tom Brady, winning becomes a habit. Like muscle memory, it is embedded deep in his body and mind.

How does he do it? Besides his god given gifts and his talented team, he brings a work ethic and proven strategies, namely he…

  1. Works harder and remains accountable to the team; and through that, holds the team accountable.
  2. Keeps perspective, looking left and right, never getting tunnel vision.
  3. Practices the fundamentals over and over, so his team can run plays with their eyes close.
  4. Uses data to make decisions; don’t guess.
  5. Exudes grit and perseverance; don’t give up or give in, stays focused on the big goal.
  6. Plays with an optimistic mindset, looks at each challenge as an opportunity for improved results.
  7. Pursues greatness and raises up the standards of everyone on the team.
  8. Studies and learns, studies and learns, rinse and repeat.

With these habits he would be great at what ever he does. If he were running a landscape business, it would be the best in the country!

Will Tom Brady win again? Who knows, but he is going to love the challenge.

Your Challenge:

Get your team on a winning streak!

Show them how to repeat those wins, teach them what they are doing right!

When they are down, remind them how they won last time! Remain optimistic and keep your eye on the prize. And enjoy the challenge!

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