I am really excited about this!

Jul 1, 2019 | Growth Tips

I am bursting with excitement regarding the information and tools that we will be sharing with you at the upcoming Design Build Growth Summit in Columbus, Ohio

Here are 5 of the strategies you will be exposed to; most of these you have NEVER heard or seen before:

  1. How to achieve 20+% Net Profit and make more money—I will present 6 proven tools to raise net profit immediately.
  2. How to scale your business to $25M, add branches to your operations, and add new services (even Home Building!)—Kevin McHale will present this.
  3. Turn your facility into your competitive advantage—Jason Cromley will present this, and you will tour his facility and meet all his leaders. Don’t miss this!
  4. How to dominate your market, make your competitors jealous and your community take note—Jason will present this too.
  5. Transform your foremen into project managing Super Foremen—my friend, Brandon Lair, will present this. It’s eye opening!

If you can’t make the summit in August, you can join our free webinar series this July to get some gems from the guest speakers. Register here.

But if you are excited about growing your knowledge and your team, and crushing it at work, go here to learn more about the Growth Summit.

If you can’t make it yourself, send your key team. It will change forever how they think about running and winning at the Design/Build/Maintenance business. I guarantee it!

We have 110 people signed up so far, and room for a few more.