Imagine what your people could achieve with LeBron James on their team.

Jul 10, 2018 | Growth Tips

Weather you think LeBron James is a great anchor player or one-man freak of nature, you can’t argue that great teams are built around superb leaders.

I experienced this many years ago when I reached deep into my pocket to pay for and hire a superstar senior technician to become an assistant manager. (He was much cheaper than LeBron)

At first I hesitated at the amount of money he wanted, but I am so glad I pulled the trigger.

He could literally do the work of 2 people, with brains and brawn that raised the attitude and work ethic of everyone else in our multi million-dollar division. Our ROI was significant!

We made more money than ever before, and management became easier. The entire conversation in that division changed!

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team are hoping for a large gain by bringing the spark plug LeBron James to their team. He recently left the Cleveland Cavaliers team with the dream of bringing the NBA championship to LA.

When is the last time you brought a true spark plug onto your team?

Your challenge: Close your eyes and think about anyone you have passed up due to their perceived high price tag, and then envision what you could achieve with a super star on your team. Now open your eyes and keep them peeled for the next spark plug that crosses your path.

Regards, Jeffrey!

P.S. Given the impact that a high achieving team can have on your business, I designed my Become a Destination Company® workshop as a team learning experience, though you can come on your own as well. Is it time to up your game?