Increase Your Net Profits While Traveling More and Working Less

Oct 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Sean Baxter takes a week off each month in his new RV, and has successfully increased his net profits to 25% while working less, and spending more time with his family.  

I have known Sean Baxter (owner of Lawn & Landscape Solutions, Kansas City, MO) for twelve years now; he became a peer group client and a member of my community ten years ago, and he has worked hard at transforming his business and providing for his family and loyal employees. 

He always had this dream of traveling with his family, (after having travelled with me and the peer group for our meetings) and this year he made the decision to buy an RV and take his family on the road.

Sean standing in front of RV

With school being virtual and the world becoming a bit crazy, Sean decided not to wait until retirement, so he hit the road this summer and took his wife and four kids with him. 

Sean is close with his dad, who had a dream to take his son on big trips (but couldn’t do many as a single parent), so now Sean takes his father with him to all the places he wanted to visit. 

Working on the road has been easy for Sean, he checks email and executes some DocuSign agreements. His team handles the day-to-day, perhaps even better with Sean not in the way.

As a leader, Sean’s job is more about goal setting and checking the results of his two division managers and sales team. I call this “inspect what you expect.”

Sean and his family have been to Arkansas, big lakes in Missouri and Kansas, and to the glorious Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Family standing in front of Loveland Pass sign

They plan to visit Florida for two weeks this year.  Since July he has gotten away each month for at least one week sometimes two. 

The net effect is that his family has grown closer and more centered than ever, and his dad has bonded with his kids. He and his wife have nurtured their spontaneous and adventurous spirit.

Sean built a large home a little while ago, and now he finds he is happier in his  400 sq ft motor home. The little things in life have become more important.

I asked Sean two very important questions, here is what he had to say.

Jeffrey: How did you make this all possible? 

Sean: I am a student of your philosophies on how to grow and run a successful business. None of this travel and time away from the biz would have been possible without the advice and vision of your Leader’s Edge peer group. I have used the focus on scalable and accountable systems that I have learned from the group.

Jeffrey: How is the business doing while you are on the road? 

Sean: Last month I was gone for 60% of the month and we had the highest gross and net numbers we have ever had; 25%! Thank you, Jeff!

Your Challenge

  1. Set your business up to run with or without you. 
  2. Take a chance on what you want most out of life.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs from your industry. 
  4. Life is an adventure, go enjoy the view.

View of green and yellow trees and mountains in the background