Independence Requires Teamwork

Jul 4, 2023 | Employee Retention, Employees, friendship, Growth Tips, Leadership, Peer Groups

Happy July 4th Holiday!

I am spending this holiday in my new A-frame cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia, along with my wife, dogs and one of my kids, Max.

I hope you are able to enjoy this holiday with those that you love!

A few thoughts on our holiday

I think of the Bald Eagle when I think of our country’s symbol for freedom.

The bald eagle was not our clear first choice for mascot for our new country.

Some wanted other animals, like the Turkey, Rattlesnake, etc.

There were many debates and only after multiple votes did we decide on the bald eagle.

The country’s motto, E Pluribis Unum

It is Latin for “out of many, one”.

It is often seen together with the bald eagle, and can be found on all our coinage and most of our money.

It represents how we had to pull together as a collection of “united” states in order to form a more perfect union, and fight off the British.

The message is clear: Our independence depends on our inter-dependence.

Keep that in mind, and remind your people that we win together only if we come together and unite as “one team.”

The best way to finish the year strong?

E Pluribis Unum!

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!