Introducing 2017 Webinar Series

Jul 11, 2017 | Growth Tips

Join our FREE 6-part webinar series starting in two weeks: Breakthrough Ideas for High Achievers. Dates and sign up below.

I created this webinar series based on the ground-breaking work I am doing with companies and achievement-minded owners across the US and Canada. I am seeing trends from my consulting (and my peer groups) that I am excited to share with you. We will cover my most current thinking.

Business and life is busier than ever, and therefore it’s critical to set priorities. I will lay out what is most important to focus on, with concrete ideas and techniques for every size company.

These webinars build on each other to help you find new ways of thinking, growing and problem solving. They will help you and your team achieve your vision faster than you ever imagined.

Sign up HERE. All webinars on a Wednesday. (Recordings available through 2017 only)

#1 JULY 26: Defining Your Role as CEO — Achieving unbelievable success, and have more fun doing it

#2 AUG 16: Achieving 10X Productivity — The silver bullet for success

#3 SEPT 27: Building Your Leadership Dream Team — So your company runs without you

#4 OCT 25: Growing a Thriving Family Business — For those trying to build a prosperous legacy

#5 NOV 15: What’s Your 2018 Growth Strategy? — Best practices and proven approaches

#6 DEC 13: The World is Your Oyster — 10 Keys to Work/Life Success in 2018 

Appropriate for for owners, leaders and achievement minded professionals.

Good for contractors, trades and service providers of all types and sizes.

Our first webinar will be July 26, 1pm EST

Defining Your Role as CEO — Achieving unbelievable success, and have more fun doing it

  • The critical Do’s and Don’t’s of an effective CEO
  • Living and working in your strengths.
  • The benefit of partnering with a COO
  • Common mistakes passionate owners make, and how to avoid them.
  • Enjoy your business more, and get more done
  • Unleash your company’s growth potential
  • Attract and retain high-level employees by being a better CEO

The main sponsor for this webinar series is GREENIUS by L.S.Training.

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