Remember a while back when finding an employee was more like fishing in a full pond? You had the opportunity to pick and choose, however for the employee it meant ‘really selling yourself’ and working hard to land a good job.

These days the tables are turned. And many companies feel that recruiting is broken. It’s not. While it may feel 10x harder to recruit, it means your recruiting and retention strategy must be 10x smarter.

First off, you need to have true grit and stamina to win the recruiting game. Recruiting should be viewed as a four-season activity that you are doing all year long, not just when it is an emergency. Be proactive and prepared for people leaving, retiring, and being promoted to new positions. There are four seasons to recruiting. Think of each season as a brand new opportunity.

Different types of people look for work for in each of the fours seasons. Always be interviewing and take a strategic approach to how you recruit, onboard and develop your employees with the proper organizational support.

With this challenge in mind, I have put together 3 tools to help you:

  1. A 3-part winter webinar series that will touch on ways to improve your recruiting. Webinar #1, this Thursday, The Power of Women in Landscaping, will touch on how to recruit and retain more women in your company. Next weeks webinar (#2, Scaling Your Business With Technology and Innovation) will touch on using technology to turn ‘recruiting and onboarding’ on its head. You don’t want to miss it. Webinar #3 will focus on developing your profit center leaders. Sign up here.
  2. I am offering free copies of my book, Become a Destination Company® to help you build a better company from the inside out, to attract and retain the best workforce that exists in your market place. Get it here.
  3. Later this summer I will be holding a two-day event that will show you exactly how to transform your company into a Destination Company®, details to follow shortly, stay tuned. (Email me if you want me to forward you info on this event when it comes out.)