It’s time to get off the roller coaster

Sep 25, 2018 | Growth Tips

This past week I spoke to almost 40 clients—there is a general theme of personnel and recruiting craziness in the air.

It is the economy and the macro trends in the work place. If you are feeling it…You are not alone!

But how you choose to deal with these ups and downs is totally in your control.

Marcus Kerske from Nashville takes the approach of a very positive outlook and a can-do attitude. He is building a Destination Company® from the inside out, starting with his worldview. Chas Moscarino from Cleveland leads through positive affirmation to create the reality he wants to achieve.

What’s your mindset?

In my journey with our teen-age daughter (who has struggled with her own demons) we had to make the decision to either ride the roller coaster with her (never a good idea) or to get off the roller coaster and manage it from the ground.

Once we got off, we regained our sanity, sense of control, and influence over her and our futures. The same goes for your business.

How do you keep yourself grounded?

Some of you jog or mountain bike, some go on afternoon motorcycle rides or go fly-fishing. Some pray, meditate or affirm your life. The key is to have a routine that feeds your own soul first. (Put on your own oxygen mask before turning to help the person next to you.)

I suggest a morning routine is best in order to set priorities and intentions, but any routine that works is just fine.

Your Challenge: Take a deep breath, get off the roller coaster (when you find yourself in free fall) and take a positive mindset to your challenges. When it comes to the craziness of recruiting and personnel, create an optimistic internal vision and get creative in how you market to your employees and the world that you have a true Destination Company®.

Then challenge your staff to do the same.

It’s a trickle down economy when it comes to positive leadership, can-do attitude and better management of the roller coaster.

It’s starts with you.

Regards, Jeffrey

Client Brag: My clients and friends at Blue Jay Irrigation were just written up (here) in LM Magazine for growing 275%. Outstanding work!