Join Frank Mariani and Myself This Week

Dec 11, 2017 | Growth Tips

Would you like to learn the fundamental secrets to building a high performance company?

Frank Mariani, CEO of Mariani Landscape, and his most awesome COO Fred Wacker (see photo below) will be joining us on January 10th to share their secrets for creating a highly functional CEO/COO (GM) partnership, and building their leadership team, and one of the best companies in our entire industry. Sign up here.

Can’t wait till next year? Join us this Friday, 12/15 at 11am ET, where I will interview Frank during a 30 min webinar. We will discuss how to set up an Effective CEO/COO (GM) Partnership, how to build a Super Leadership Team, and how to put key people in place to build your company faster and better than your competition. Give yourself a holiday present, by tuning in to this once in a lifetime discussion.

Click here to reserve a spot