Landcare’s Business Philosophy with Mike Bogan, Part 2

Mar 9, 2023 | client, Employees, Growth Tips, Income, Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO, Productivity, Strategy, Time Management

Mike Bogan returns for a follow up podcast to dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of Landcare.

Mike shares with Jeffrey the business philosophy of People First that drives their growth.

Jeffrey and Mike discuss Landcare’s core values, purpose and systems, high lighting what makes the business different. They discuss profit sharing vs incentives and commissions. They end with a discussion about making work as enjoyable as life.

Mike Bogan is President and Co-Owner of Landcare, based in Frederick, MD. It’s a 24-year-old company that Mike joined 8 years ago as CEO. He and his leadership team have transformed Landcare into a profitable, fast-growth company.

Landcare has 70 locations and 3800 employees.

Mike is a veteran of the industry yet with the enthusiasm of a startup.