Lessons from 2023, Predictions for 2024, with Jeffrey Scott

Jan 18, 2024 | Growth Tips, Leadership, Marketing, Planning, Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO

In reflection of the roller coaster year of 2023, Jeffrey Scott highlights seven lessons that significantly impacted the industry. He also shares 10 predictions for you to pay attention to in  2024.
The 7 lessons are based on all the coaching and consulting work he does with companies across the US and Canada.
Here is a summary of his seven lessons; he dives into important details on all seven.
  1. Prioritize Cyber Security:
  2. Harness AI and Technology:
  3. Value Your Residential Business:
  4. Revamp Marketing and Sales:
  5. Invest in Real Talent:
  6. Strengthen Relationships at the Top:
  7. Improve Financial Management: