Make Hay When The Sun Shines

May 14, 2019 | Growth Tips

Last week I was on the Island of Nantucket ‘training’ with the best consultants in the country. I learned something important during this trip that I would like to share with you.

On one of our training breaks, we rented two jeeps and rode them through the dunes and onto the beach, where we found herds of seals sunning themselves (see photos below).

Driving further along, we came across a couple who got their jeep stuck deep in the sand.

Feeling gallant, we slowed down to help them but as a result we got stuck ourselves.

Luckily for us, we were able to push ourselves out in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset and a well-deserved dinner.

Unfortunately the couple had to call for a tow truck; their fun ended early.

Does this sound like a metaphor for business? It is!

When things are going well and the sun is shining, don’t coast, don’t slow down, don’t take your foot off the gas.

Even in a good economy, you can get stuck in the sand. Strong momentum will carry you through the hidden traps.

Don’t stop marketing and selling, even when you feel over busy.

As my father used to implore, “Make hay when the sun shines.”

His message was that if the phone is ringing now, then work harder now.

Your Challenge: Make the most of today and this great economy. Don’t sell every client, just the ones that fit your model.

But also don’t get complacent and think the strong demand will go on forever. It won’t.

Seals on the Nantucket shore. They enjoy their life to the fullest, how about you?

How many consultants does it take to get stuck in the sand?

Rubbing shoulders with the best; enjoying the crisp Nantucket air.