More Important Than Your Profit & Loss

Oct 24, 2023 | friendship, Growth Tips, Leadership, Management

What’s more important than your profit loss and statement??

When I watch the news lately, it makes me wonder.

In my early 20’s, I traveled to Israel and spent a few months there working on a Kibbutz.

A Kibbutz is an Israeli communal living environment, where people work, eat and live together, pooling their monies and chores. (My job was running a sand blasting unit in a factory where they made tractor parts).

It was quite inspiring.

We tried to fit in by learning Hebrew. That was difficult!!

In Hebrew they literally remove all the vowels for simplicity’s sake, which makes it near impossible to read as a beginner. (Spanish anyone?)

After my Israeli experience, I traveled to Egypt.

I visited the Pyramids, sailed down the Nile River on a wooden sailboat, and broke bread with Nubians and Egyptians eating on a dirt floor.

It was equally inspiring. These people were very poor but happy.

I then traveled into the Sahara and Sinai deserts. Global warming was already apparent back them, or so it seemed.

It was hot, hot, hot!!

That heat really tests your patience.

While it was tense back then in (parts of) Israel and Egypt, it is much worse today.

It has become an area where “profit and loss” is countered by “life and death.”

Their whole economy stops when people are called to fight.

Most people there just want to raise their families in a safe environment.

It’s unfathomable.

Our lives are a blessing in comparison.

As contractors and landscape professionals, we have problems every day.

But these are “first world” problems.

Our lives are easy by comparison.

Your Challenge: What can you do?

Help those close to you, and far away.

We can start by building a better economy right here.

  • Focus on building a strong business
  • Educate your employees so they can raise their standard of living
  • Support your community.

Plus we can donate money and time to help others.

As I have shared before, my good client Wade Vugteveen, De Hamer Landscaping, in Michigan, donates his resources to Amiina Ministries in Uganda. He just got back from a personal visit there.

Wade with one of the children of the mission in Uganda.

Pick an organization and go deep.

The more you learn, the more impact your giving will have.

We can all “hope” for a better world, but as leaders and entrepreneurs we can physically do our part to make it a better place.

Regards, Jeffrey!

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