My trip to Greece—the road less travelled.

Aug 7, 2018 | Growth Tips

I’m writing you while watching the sunrise over Sarti, Greece.

Most Americans visit the famous Greek islands when they travel here.

We decided to travel the mainland, and have been rewarded for taking the road less travelled.

We enjoyed: fewer tourists and almost no Americans, stunning views (at ancient Delphi), beautiful pebble beaches devoid of tourists, mountainous hiking as deep and mighty as the Grand Canyon (Vikos Gorge), and a slower pace of life with time to relax, reflect (and read some great books.)

See photos below.

My takeaway: Take time to recharge. The busier you are, the more important it is. You will notice the difference, and so will your people.

And continue to make less obvious choices in life, put yourself in new situations outside your typical comfort zone. If you do this you will continue to learn new things, especially about yourself…no matter your age.

Can you still surprise yourself?

I was surprised to learn that I could enjoy being a vegetarian, if I had the super high quality grilled vegetables and that we have enjoyed here every night. (It won’t happen, because I love my smoker too much, but now I know it could.)

The view from our hotel in Delphi, waking up after our first day in Greece.



5.5 hour hike down, through and back up the Vikos Gorge in northern Greece
(near the Albanian border)



Halfway through the hike, along the dry river bed.



Octopus, yes it tastes a bit like chicken, goes well with local white wine.



Our son Max flew in from Holland (where he is working) to spend a week with us.



At a pebble beach with only Greek tourists; enjoying an iced espresso
(I didn’t know it was a thing).