Issue Number 001
October 12, 2016

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Every client has a story

Do you ever find yourself or find others in your company calling a client a pain, or worse, a P.I.T.A.?

As a leader, you have to root out this name-calling. This misplaced grumbling trickles out to your staff, front line and new employees—and suddenly any difficult client becomes a problem.

Chic-Fil-A understands this, and created a video to show how every customer has a personal story that underlies their behavior. Watch this video, below, and use it to reset and lift up the tone in your company, to help your team build better relationships with your customers and with each other.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: Loyalty is built with respect and attention, by treating each client and employee as a very important individual.

Take Action: Click here to watch the Chic-Fil-A video and share it with your leaders.

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