Strategic Planning Webinar - Feb 7th
Issue Number 016
January 31, 2017

Strategic Planning Webinar
Feb 7th

Free Webinar: Strategic Planning for Transformational Success

Most owners and leaders spend their time reacting to opportunities, problems and fires--mostly on fires--and they end up over-working, mis-spending their resources, and wildly under performing.

At a minimum you should be growing at 10 to 20% per year, and earning 10% profit. The high-profit companies I work with achieve a 16% net to owner as a very minimum.

The truth is, the typical privately held company only reaches 50% of its true potential, and often much less! Do you recognize this in your company?

To reach your full potential and achieve your best year ever, you need to create a focused roadmap and learn how to take MFA: massively focused action! For this reason I am partnering with American Hort to put on a free webinar to show you how to build and successfully implement your strategic plan--and enjoy profound success this coming year.

Register here: Strategic Planning for Transformational Success

You will learn HOW TO...

  1. Gain your team's buy-in.
  2. Create an effective, compelling and super focused plan.
  3. Keep the entire company successfully implementing the plan through out the year.

You will learn WHY...

  1. Most strategies fail, and how to avoid the flat tires, potholes and dead ends.
  2. You need to develop an organic strategy.
  3. The action plan is the critical link to success (and yet most companies mess it up!)

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