Do You Have A Super Team?
Issue Number 064
December 5, 2017

Do You Have A Super Team?

As I wrap up the year talking and working with many landscape firms around the country, time and again I come back to a recurring theme: Does the company have the right leadership team in place to carry out the plans and dreams of the owner and company?

To that end, I wrote this ground breaking article titled Super Teams, which I would like to share with you to read at your leisure. It contains a structure and approach to build up a Leadership Super Team to lead your company into the future. I will be writing a book this year on this same topic; stay tuned on that!

This topic is also the reason I am hosting a one day summit on leadership in the landscaping industry, on January 10th in Chicago. I have invited leaders who run highly successful $3, 5 and 50+ million firms to speak there and share their wisdom and lessons learned along the way. Would you like to join us? 

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Have you ever wondered how someone grows their company to $5 or 50 million? Or how an owner can take off a full month in the middle of the season? We will be covering these very topics at our full-day workshop “Effective CEO/COO Partnerships: The Power of Collaborative Leadership.” 

Sign up and join our VIP dinner to discuss the day and rub shoulders with courageous leaders.