Tis The Season For Creative Budgeting
Issue Number 066
December 12, 2017

Tis The Season For Creative Budgeting

Have you started your budget? Being too proactive can actually hurt you when it comes to budgeting, I explain on my December video (under 2 min).  It also gives you ideas on setting a minimum and maximum budget, and on developing bold moves to drive profit. Incremental growth is a lost opportunity, make 2018 planning count! (And…after watching this video, if you need help setting a bold and comprehensive strategic plan, contact me.)

For more inspiration, join myself and Frank Mariani this Friday 11am ET as we discuss the type of decisions he makes to ensure his business out-wins the competition. Register for webinar here: Frank Mariani and Jeffrey Scott Discuss Leadership Growth Strategies

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If you could do one thing differently...

It’s come clear to me over the years of advising companies and owners, that how they staff and organize their leadership team makes all the difference on their level and speed of success.  This is why I have asked 3 successful CEO’s, running companies from 3 to 50mil +, to share their experiences building their team, and bringing on a #2 to support them. Come hear them speak at my January event, The Effective CEO/COO Partnership.

Sign up here. Save $100 per ticket if you register before Friday.

Here is what the audience said who went to this event:

Becky Dawson: The talk provided me with a broader or "out of the box" thinking of the upper management roles and the importance of accountability to keep everyone on track!

Brendon Willis: Wouldn't change a thing, very helpful to hear from large company input as a small company

Charlie Moberg: Loved the great speakers. Message was very well presented.

Cole Weller: CEO/COO partnership was a greet seminar with relevant and usable information. I took some great ideas away from it.

Darryl: Jeffrey puts on an awesome workshop

David Magruder: Great partner workshop. Walking away with a better definition of what to expect form counter-part and what is expected of me.

Eric Engstrom: Simplified Success Strategies and good leader relationship clarification and advice.

Greg Wildeboer: Very helpful seminar, the right mix of people to learn from, great talking points to bring back to my team.

Ian Libby: Very Insightful. Left with a lot of new ideas. It is good to know other companies have the same struggles.

Jim Yannie: Well done, very informative

Joe Bidermann Awesome workshop.

Kevin Kollmann: Good ideas and clarifications!

Mark Mastantuono: Opened my eyes + made my vision clearer on what I need to do to help improve the way me + my operations manager work together.

Mike Holmes: Well presented, good topic for networking

Mike Seilheimer: Walked away with great ideas to implement when I return to the office

Reg Robertson: Never thought about relationship contract or roles of ceo/coo until today. Helpful!

Ryan Schulte: Great talk and very informative

Steph Genser: Establish Job Description, hierachy and relationships.

Steve Woods Helped me see what I am currently doing well and what to improve on later.

Steven Cole: I think the relationship contract is a tool I will use on the day I get back.

Tim Crowley: It was very informative. The speakers touched on great topics in which we could relate. 

Tom Horowitz: Gave me a lot to think about and go back and work on so it was time will spent.

Tom Snider: I was very pleased with the information and content of the workshop.

Tony Kelly: I really enjoy the information of the workshop. Good ideas of what I can do better as an owner.

Zachary Crawford: Very Informative!