Issue Number 125
October 28, 2018

Is Your Residential Business Scalable?

Have you heard the myth that only commercial (and HOA) focused companies can be scaled? It is a myth, because residential design-build and maintenance firms can also enjoy dramatic growth.

This is one of the reasons I respect Michael Hommel, CEO of Designs By Sundown (CO.) He has done a tremendous job building his residential business into a $25 million dollar juggernaut, in part by attracting the best people from across the country to work for him.

"If you want the best clients, you need the best associates" says Michael. I am excited to announce that he will also be speaking at our upcoming "Effective CEO/COO Partnership" learning event in January.

He has built an enviable leadership team (a triumvirate of sales, operations and finance) to guide his company forward.

Michael Hommel, Founder of Designs By Sundown

We now have industry leaders from both the commercial and residential world speaking at this event in Atlanta.

What do they have in common??

Superb leadership, dramatic growth and the skills to build and run "industry leading" companies and leadership teams.

To read the speakers'biographies go here.

Please join us. To sign up.

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