Old Habits, Carried Forward Too Long, Can Harm Your Business Performance

Dec 8, 2020 | Leadership, Management

I found this fascinating article in The Wall Street Journal on a quarterback from 50 years ago who changed how football is played today because he gathered data and statistics to inform his strategy, rather than using his gut instinct. 

Virgil Carter painstakingly called up all the teams in the league, got their logbooks, and used the stats to dispel myths and create new standards. 

For example, his work showed that, in key situations, a team should go for it on 4th down instead of punting, which was the norm. He proved that coaches were following old habits that were costing them points and games. 

Stop Using Your Gut

This article is timely because next month I will be addressing related issues in my Financial Master Classwhere you’ll examine old habits that are costing you money. You’ll learn how to use your numbers and my insight to dispel myths and improve the overall performance of your landscape team! 

Why use your gut when your numbers can yield better decisions and improved motivation for your team?

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