Only You Can Raise Expectations

May 24, 2021 | Employees

The world seems to be lowering expectations in all corners – and only you can raise them.

Your company can become a bulwark against complacency, where higher expectations become the celebrated norm.

My sister Rebekah is a minister and consultant to the church. She says that many churches are losing membership, aging out, and consequently, their budgets are being restrained, and expectations of the future are greatly reduced. Even the behind-the-scenes language is becoming less hopeful.

Lower Expectations

You see this trend in other areas of the country and society as well.

In school budgets, for example. Cutbacks have been happening for years, and great programs are being dropped, lowering the opportunity of what a child should learn. My favorite memory of my younger school years was the art programs; many of those are long gone!

In the government unemployment programs. They are now incentivizing people not to look for work. It’s simply crazy.

In families, there is a lowering of expectations in some families. Don’t try too hard, and you will just be met with disappointment. And unfortunately, many broken families grow up without leadership.

How can you help?

This is an opportunity for you and your company to become that special place where hope, challenge, and excellence are the norm.

By doing so, your company can attract those people looking for a place of higher standards, a place to raise one’s self-esteem, pride and prospects.

Don’t give in to the trend of “Can’t.”

Be the exception in our society.z

Your Challenge

To show your team members, they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Todd Pugh, owner of Enviroscapes (Louisville, OH), understands what I am writing about here.

His actual written mission of the company is:

Creating an environment where team members can achieve more than they believed possible.

On his website, you can see the success stories of his people climbing the ladder all the way up to Chief Operating Officer from Laborer.

Your challenge is to create an environment where your team members can do the same and accomplish more than they ever believed they could ‘in the outside world.’

Would you like to learn how Todd Pugh has built his achievement-oriented environment? Join him at my Summer Growth Summit in St Louis this Aug 31 and Sept 1; go here for info and tickets.