Podcast series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO

Aug 13, 2019 | Growth Tips

I am traveling the Pacific Highway in California, on vacation with (most of) my family. We are visiting Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Seattle and finally to Coeur D’Lane, to drop off my daughter at college. It has been a joy. (See photos below.)

In the meantime, I want to alert you to my Podcast series, “The Ultimate Landscape CEO”, go to ITunes here to find them.

I have been doing these for a couple years now. Here are some from the last couple months, they come out once a week.

My 2019 landscape industry prediction: #3

What sets you apart?

Fear of making money (FOMM)

The Boeing Fiasco

Enjoy, Learn and Prosper!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

Big Sur driving along Rt 1.

North of San Francisco, the giant Redwood forest, 285′ tall.

Sailing San Francisco bay…