Prevent Good Employees From Getting Away

Jun 19, 2018 | Growth Tips

In many discussions recently this has been the topic; not so much hiring, but more importantly keeping the good and great employees.

I received an email from a brand new (Leader’s Edge peer group) client and he said he just lost a key manager. Darn, that is the most frustrating part of leadership, and costs quite a bit of money, like investing in a stock and then having the stock price drop (that has happened to me before.) Ouch, that hurts…

Is this happening to you?

In preparation for my August workshop, Become A Destination Company® I emailed a group of 500 business owners and asked what specific challenges did they want to see covered: one common answer was employee retention. We will address this in depth in the workshop, and I address it right here in this short video, under 2 minutes.

Share the video with your leadership team and ask them where the holes are in your culture, people systems and priorities that may be allowing the good ones to get away.

Challenge for you: The most painful employee to lose is a leader that you are counting on. So spend quality time with them (not in your office…but at their desk, in their truck, on their turf, or over a bite) and ask them: How’s their family? What do they need from you? Any way you can improve as the leader? How do they feel professionally about their career growth and direction?

Use open ended questions that allow your people to share with you what’s really on their minds.