Destination CompanyTM
Advertising is no longer the main way to attract new employees and top talent. A Destination CompanyTM is built on the following 7 pillars:
  1. Vision is an Action Verb.
  2. Creating A Culture of Excellence
  3. Treating Recruiting like Marketing & Sales
  4. Values-Based Hiring & Managing
  5. People Systems First, Then Production Systems – A Roadmap to Success
  6. Shared Leadership
  7. Creating an Ownership Culture
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The Leader's Edge
“The Leader’s Edge” shows you how to use industry peer groups to transform and grow your business. Learn how to use a peer group to:
  • Increase accountability
  • Improve profits and cash flow
  • Reduce stress and and solve issues
  • Enjoy camaraderie from trusted peers
  • Gain insight into your own leadership
  • Improve your management skills
Price: $9.95
The Referral Advantage
“The Referral Advantage” shows you 92 ways to ask for, earn, reward and inspire more referrals. It contains proven techniques to:
  • Increase referrals from the trade.
  • Grow your enhancement sales.
  • Generate referral sales faster.
  • Pick the right incentive programs, avoiding mistakes.
  • Generate more referrals from high-end clients.
  • Use referrals-systems to make it easier in season.
  • And much much more.
Price: $14.95
Destination CompanyTM
The Leader's Edge
The Referral Advantage
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