Destination Company®

Advertising is no longer the main way to attract new employees and top talent.

To build a successful company in this current job market, you must focus the majority of your energies internally, in order to build an enterprise where good employees want to plant and grow a career. When you do this, recruiting becomes the easy part. This is a critical game plan that any size company can play, and it isn’t just about size. Even a small company can create a Destination Company® environment and win the recruiting, hiring and employee development game. It all starts by having the right Destination Company® mindset. This book will show you what to do, and how to do it—and how to encourage high productivity from your staff so everyone wins. It will become your competitive advantage!

A Destination Company® is built on the following 7 pillars:

  1. Vision is an Action Verb.
  2. Creating A Culture of Excellence
  3. Treating Recruiting like Marketing & Sales
  4. Values-Based Hiring & Managing
  5. People Systems First, Then Production Systems – A Roadmap to Success
  6. Shared Leadership
  7. Creating an Ownership Culture