ASSESS YOUR COMPANY: Is It a Destination Company?
1 = Not in place.
2 = Just starting to get in place, needs big improvement.
3 = In place, but inconsistently applied.
4 = Doing consistently well.

1. Vision based leadership: Vision is an action verb
  • Vision is written; it is compelling; employees know about it.
  • It is frequently shared; employees are kept updated on progress.
  • Employees can see their own growth within company’s growth.
2. Creating a culture of excellence
  • Company has high, clear, consistent, accountable standards.
3. Treating recruiting like marketing & sales
  • We are always recruiting, and always hiring right-fit employees.
  • We operate with a recruiting calendar and budget.
  • Company’s internal brand matches the external brand.
4. Values based hiring
  • Values are written, visible and discussed.
  • Employees are held accountable to values.
  • We hire, review, promote and fire using our values.
5. People Systems: clear path to success
  • Systems in place to ensure the success of our employees in their first 90 days.
  • Every employee has a career path.
  • Every employee knows how to get a raise.
6. Shared leadership
  • Employees are truly empowered.
  • Employees are involved in creating and updating the company vision, policies, procedures, systems and physical environment.
  • Owner can go on vacation for 2 (to 3) weeks without hiccups.
7. Creating an ownership culture
  • Every employee knows what a “Win” is: every day, week, month and year.
  • We promote a culture of “shared wins.”
  • Incentives are clear, attainable and employees are kept updated.
8. Successful atmosphere
  • Company takes time to celebrate throughout the year.
  • Company has an upbeat, team-oriented environment.
  • Company looks like a success!