Your ability to grow profits and cash requires that you follow a systematic approach! Assess your company based on Jeffrey’s system for unlocking your profit and cash.

Rate your company based on Jeffrey’s metrics
1 = Not in place at all.
2 = Needs significant improvement
3 = Sort of in place, but not implementing consistently.
4 = Doing consistently well

1. A Prosperity Budget
  • Accrual based budgeting
  • Monthly budgets, Rolling budgets
  • Divisional budgets, gross and net
  • Includes depreciation
  • Includes proper owner’s salary
  • Hourly rates recalculated annually
  • Snow rates cover the hidden costs
2. Unlock the Cash
  • Contracts written to keep from being upside down
  • Divisional upside-down spring cash flow minimized
  • Equipment ROI is tracked, equipment treated as an expense not an asset
  • AR is kept as low as AP, key Balance Sheet indicators are tracked and optimized
3. Sell at a Higher Profit
  • Salespeople have goals for margins and sales
  • Salespeople are on same page as production for margins.
  • Estimating is accurate and repeatable
  • Snafu’s are reviewed
  • Sales mix is reviewed e.o.year, optimized for profit and growth
  • Client base reviewed e.o.year, trim & optimize for efficiency and sweet spot
4. Be Smart about Tools & Technology
  • Software in place
  • Technology used actively to keep company on leading edge
  • Equipment and tools – organized for optimal efficiency
5. Track and Share Productivity Metrics
  • Production goals are reviewed daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Job costing is reviewed weekly or monthly.
  • Down time / non billable time is managed and minimized.
  • Culture of continuous efficiency improvement
  • Overtime is managed weekly.
6. Systems to Create Repeatable Profits
  • Financial and performance feedback systems in place
  • People systems
  • Production systems
  • A system for design and implementation of systems - a systems system
  • A culture of continuous upgrading of systems
7. Rewarding – with and without money
  • Proper activities rewarded
  • Proper results rewarded
  • Innate ego-needs are understood on specific types of work
  • Culture of group and individualappreciation
8. Nurturing a Growth Mindset
  • Learning organization
  • Bad apples identified and removed
  • Right people in right positions
  • Training organization
9. Planning To Hit the Big Goals
  • Budget follows a plan and assumptions
  • A Strategic Plan (Jeffrey’s Success Strategy) is in place
  • Mid-season strategic reviews are conducted.
10. Is Your Company Accountable?
  • Employees are held accountable by managers, at least 3 times per year
  • Leadership team holds each other accountable for hitting goals, weekly
  • Owner has outside mentors, coach and peer group to hold accountable