Do you ever feel stuck?

Has your business plateaued at the 1mil, 2mil, 5mil or
10million ceiling?

Have you outgrown your current organization, and wonder
what's next?

Are profits hard to come by, with too
much of your time spent in the day-to-day?

Too many company owners wake up in the middle of the year and realize they are off track, or that their growth is not what they had hoped. While the most successful companies develop their game plan for success early, so they can start strong and reap the financial rewards. That is why I am offering this program NOW, to help you create a breakthrough and enjoy your most amazing year yet!

With Special guest speaker Bob Marzilli, CEO of the 40MM landscape business, RP Marzilli Landscape Contractor.

This workshop will provide you a 4-point blueprint
for scaling up your business, revenue and profits!

You'll learn how to:

Accelerate growth by building a Super Leadership Team
...So that your time as owner will be freed up to lead and work "on" the business, while your Super Leadership Team is running the day-to-day operations (sales, admin, production), protecting your values and culture, and hitting the company goals and targets.
Achieve financial security by Managing and Winning by the Numbers
...So that everyone understands the big picture and their role in how to win. You will learn how to educate your employees how to 'work and win by the numbers,' so that they start thinking and acting like owners, making financially smarter decisions, reducing waste and working harder to finish strong.
Capture significantly higher margins by mastering the Profit-Driven Sales approach
...So that your sales team is focused on the very best sales opportunities, giving supremely better customer service, and with each new sale adding to your profitability and cash flow. Your margins and profits will grow considerably with this approach.
Scale your business by recruiting, training and empowering key talent
...By using Jeffrey's proven people system "Become A Destination Company®". Learn how to staff up for growth, attract better people, and retain and develop key employees for long-term growth. People are your advantage, and with the right people, anything is possible!
Bonus #1
I will also share with you my unique "Green Light Selling" process and "How to sell your business in 10 years" framework, so you can set yourself up now for long-term success.
Bonus #1
All registrants will receive a 45 minute private recorded webinar (available to my peer-group clients): "Developing super crews and super foremen" so that your crews are self-directed, on budget, perform quality control, help replace their own members when needed, and take ownership for their results.

Scaling VIP Dinner.

Enjoy an optional VIP dinner, Dutch treat, on February 19 with Jeffrey Scott. Space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited to 2 seats per company. Please RSVP to [email protected]