Few coaches in the world have run their own businesses. Even fewer have grown a successful contracting business. Fewer still have grown up in the business while attaining engineering and business degrees. Jeffrey Scott has done all three.


Every contracting company has both obstacles and tremendous opportunities. Jeffrey Scott can whip your issues into shape and help you maximize your opportunities.


Inspiring, boots-on-the ground practical advice, actionable ideas, and an optimistic approach to every day business. That’s Jeffrey Scott.

Leader’s Edge Peer Group

Jeffrey Scott wrote the book on peer groups—literally. As the acclaimed author of The Leader’s Edge, Jeffrey is a leading expert on developing high-value communities for motivated contracting professionals.

Succession & Exit Planning

The right time to start thinking about your succession and exit strategy is now. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Workshops & Upcoming Events

Join Jeffrey Scott’s vast community of contracting leaders by attending his world-class workshops and events.