Why Coaching With Jeffrey Scott?
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Few coaches in the world have run their own businesses. Even fewer have grown a successful contracting business. Fewer still have grown up in the business while attaining engineering and business degrees. Jeffrey Scott has done all three.

He’s managed a huge payroll, worried about the ups and downs of the economy, and dealt with all the problems unique to the contracting world. He understands the entrepreneurial mind, and he knows how to foster your passion to turn your businesses into a multi-million-dollar success story. With this goal in mind, he has developed the Landscape Profit System coaching program for you, the business owner.

Landscape Profit System

Five out of ten contractors want more free time – to work on the business or on something else equally important. Six out of ten entrepreneurs wish they made more money from their business. Four out of ten business owners want to plan for a more valuable succession or exit. Are any of these goals in alignment with yours?

If so, Jeffrey Scott’s Profit System may be for you.

A guided coaching program that includes all of Jeffrey’s premier management tools, this unique offering guarantees outstanding business results. The Profit System has been developed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses and grow their personal wealth, all while creating more freedom.

This powerful coaching program helps entrepreneurs achieve these key objectives while maximizing business value and increasing owner’s income.

Designed as a one-to-four-year program, you control the length of your participation by renewing program membership on an annual basis. Exceptional clients can reap the full benefits of the program in a shorter time frame.

Hanging off the CN Tower in downtown Toronto
Jeffrey’s work is internationally known––Mark and Ken Hutten drove from Owen Sound, Canada to develop their Success Strategy with Jeffrey.

How it Works

The program starts with a focused consultation phase to gain rapid understanding of the low hanging fruit and set a direction for the future. It then entails ongoing coaching and systems implementation to ensure follow through and results.

Every owner needs accountability. Jeffrey’s Profit System is the ultimate accountability program, pushing entrepreneurs to accomplish bold tasks and achieve significant goals faster than they thought possible.

it is a combination of implementing proven systems, while taking advantage of Jeffrey’s ability to predict and preempt issues––and strike while the iron is hot on emerging opportunities. Reach out to Jeffrey to learn more.

The Advantages of This Program

Here are examples of how coaching with Jeffrey will improve your company, and your own leadership and management skills:

  • Develop metrics to identify performance levels of your key players
  • Better manage your business by the numbers
  • Coalesce your entire team around one plan, vision and mission
  • Implement the systems needed to make your business soar
  • Affirm your own ideas and gain significant confidence
  • Create a specific action plan for achieving your goals
  • Reduce confusion and anxiety; speed up execution
  • Bring clarity to both unresolved issues and opportunities in your business
  • Get your team ramped up and focused for your best year ever
  • Achieve faster results with fewer missteps

For examples of typical results, in the words of Jeffrey’s clients,

See the testimonials below

Pat Morstad flew in from MN and became Jeffrey's fastest growing client (1)

“My experience with Jeffrey can be summed up into one word, ‘outstanding!’ He has worked with me in the first year to increase sales over 230% and net profit from breakeven (after my salary) to 15%!”

Pat Morstad, Owner
Precision Landscape & Irrigation, MN

Jim Yannie and Outside Unlimited' leadership Team took the train from Philly and developed a 10 year vision and strategic plan

“Jeffery has a unique ability to summarize my vision and put it in a format that my leadership team can follow. He is critical to the growth of our business.”

Jim Yannie, President
Outside unlimited, PA

Ted Cater Pinehurst

“Jeffrey carefully mapped out an approach to improve my business and then relentlessly pursued it. He has deep knowledge of the industry and general business fundamentals.”

Ted Carter, President
Pinehurst Landscape, MD



Tom Wood, a long time coaching client, greeting Jeffrey at CENTS

“Jeffrey Scott has a keen ability to uncover and shine light on the blind spots to get to the core issues quickly. Since time is money, getting to the root of the problem quickly is a great value. Jeffrey helped me break through a glass ceiling. Thanks to him, last year was a very successful year and we are on pace to further improve on that success this year, both financially and in quality of life. I now have time to do what I want to do, and need to do! Jeffrey’s insightfulness and comprehensive understanding of the landscape industry has sharpened my focus on what is most important and challenged me to be a better leader of my team. He comes with my highest recommendation!”

Tom Wood, President
Wood Landscape Services, Ohio


“We’ve been working with Jeffrey for the last four years and have found his green industry knowledge and experience to be pivotal to our ground-breaking success. Jeffrey has exceptional insight regarding the issues we face on a daily basis, and breaks them down to workable solutions. He is one of our most valuable assets.”

Scott Frampton, Managing partner
Landscape Renovations, MN




To get to know Jeffrey better, and to learn how his proven approach can greatly benefit your company, contact him today.