7 Transformational Growth Steps
Paul Reder Testimonial

Every contracting company has both obstacles and tremendous opportunities. Jeffrey Scott can whip your issues into shape and help you maximize your opportunities.

Whether you need a better people strategy, want to foster a healthier company culture, or need help improving your profitability, consulting with Jeffrey will help you move forward in the right direction.

Jeffrey is dedicated to helping his clients find solutions quickly, directly, and in the best possible way. As a consultant, he helps clients achieve their objectives in a specific time frame—typically in a matter of weeks, or months if you want long-term accountability as part of the consulting option.

Jeffrey will identify what needs to happen, in what order, who needs to be involved from within or outside your company, and exactly how it needs to happen. His plans are straightforward to implement.

There are two different ways to engage Jeffrey as a consultant:

  1. If you need fast, targeted consulting help, then Remote Consulting might be what you’re looking for. With this program, Jeffrey will address one over-arching issue or problem in your business and give you lightning-fast results. Over the course of a few days—Jeffrey will connect with you via phone, Skype, and screen sharing to troubleshoot a specific problem, and help you solve it putting in place the right systems.
  2. On-Site Consulting: For full-scale consulting with Jeffrey, On-Site Consulting offers face-to-face meetings to achieve dramatic improvements in your business. He’ll meet with owners and their entire teams to tackle multiple issues at once. On-Site Consulting can help solve multi-faceted problems related to company growth, individual performance, accountability, strategy, company culture, and more.

Consulting Topics and Tools

The following topics, systems, processes, and programs are included in Jeffrey’s consulting arsenal, customized to fit the needs of each client:



What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thank you for all the consulting and coaching you have provided me personally and my company. I am happy to tell anyone about my positive experiences and improvements you have helped me make, both of personal and professional nature.”

Paul Fraynd, CEO
Sun Valley Landscape, Omaha, Nebraska

“Jeffrey’s ability to rapidly review goals, assimilate information, and then help us arrive at clear specific solutions IN A MATTER OF HOURS is impressive, he is extremely intuitive. Jeffrey is always is looking ahead, he has the next step, next goal, next benchmark out on the horizon.”

Paul Reder, President
Reder Landscaping, MI


“Jeffrey has been an excellent consultant to my business. He has led me through difficult times, shown me the light at the end of the tunnel, and guided me to the best results possible. Jeffrey is direct, expecting, and punctual. He keeps my head to the task and is relentless in the pursuit of his client’s success. I would recommend Jeffrey in a heartbeat!”


Ready to jumpstart the next phase of growth for your contracting business? Reach out to Jeffrey today to talk about joining one of his powerful consulting programs.