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Jeffrey Scott wrote the book on landscape peer groups—literally. As the acclaimed author of The Leader’s Edge, Jeffrey is a leading expert on developing high-value communities for motivated contracting professionals.


6 Benefits of Jeffrey’s Peer Groups
Dennis Evans Testimonial

The Leader’s Edge Landscape Peer Group is one of Jeffrey’s most exclusive offerings. His groups attract the best contractors in the U.S.A and Canada, and with over 75 active members it is the most successful network of its kind.  As a member, you’ll rub shoulders with the best and brightest of the industry.

This group isn’t for everyone. An achievement mindset is required to join Jeffrey’s powerful community of industry leaders– you must exhibit the following four traits.

  1. Being goal oriented with growth goals for company, your people and yourself.
  2. Willingness to share and help others.
  3. Openness to listening to and receiving constructive feedback from others.
  4. Desire to run your business above board and be a positive example to others.

Landscape Peer Groups

Landscape contracting can be an incredibly lucrative business—if you know how to attract the right people and implement the right systems and strategies. With Jeffrey’s landscape peer groups, you’ll learn the best tools and practices, new technologies, and the top business strategies for a more profitable landscaping business.

Irrigation Peer Groups

Irrigation has become a sophisticated, professional industry. With Jeffrey’s Irrigation peer groups, you’ll forge connections with the most successful irrigation contractors in the nation. Learn how to apply today’s best standards and practices to your irrigation company. Improve the way you manage your crews, the technology you use, and the way you control inventory. In the end, your irrigation business will become extremely profitable if you simply approach it correctly. Aaron Katerberg Testimonial

Typical Results

Membership in this elite landscape peer group will benefit your business as well as your personal life.  The following are typical results of his members

  • Net profit improvement from -3% to over 15% in just over 2 years.
  • Increased vacation time from 1 week to 7 weeks, within 3 years of joining.
  • Personal income tripled within 18 months of joining.
  • Grew the value of the business by 300% within just a couple years.
  • Greatly freed up time and energy to enjoy personal life.
  • Significant reduction in stress running the day-to-day business; brought the fun back.
  • Revenues doubled in first 2 years
  • Improved confidence and focus through benchmarking and knowing that other owners are dealing with similar issues.

How it Works

Jeffrey personally curates each landscape peer group to ensure there’s no overlap in geographic territory to avoid potential conflicts of interest. In addition, you’ll be placed in the right group for your revenue levels, so your peers will relate closely to your business issues and complexity—whether you run a $500,000 or $50 million company.

Groups are organized along revenues:

  • $400,000 to 1 million
  • $1 to 2.5 million
  • $2.5 to 5 million
  • $5 to 10 million
  • $10 to 25+ million
A well deserved meal after a deep dive tour of the host company
A well deserved meal after a deep dive tour of the host company

One of the key benefits of this group is a feeling of solidarity and support. It’s a way to understand you’re not alone—every owner faces the same set of problems. In the Leader’s Edge Landscape Peer Group, you get to witness how the best minds in the industry solve their problems and create highly lucrative opportunities.

Jeffrey has developed the best support systems, benchmarks and landscape peer group learning tools in the industry. To learn about this proprietary approach, contact Jeffrey today.

Top 10 Unique Benefits of Jeffrey’s Community

    You will enjoy and benefit immensely from…

  1. Direct access to Jeffrey Scott
  2. Access to the smartest and best contractors in the world.
  3. Unique Intellectual Property that Jeffrey develops and shares only in his community.
  4. Becoming the best version of yourself. Jeffrey does not accept mediocrity. He sees the potential in you and demands the best from you.
  5. Jeffrey’s own journey of constant and never ending improvement. You will be constantly challenged with new and cutting edge ideas.
  6. Jeffrey’s international travel and diverse life experiences across many industries and countries. This will broaden your view of what’s possible in the world.
  7. Jeffrey’s access to the best resources in the industry. His network is vast.
  8. Jeffrey’s complete dedication to your success. These groups are Jeffrey’s #1 priority.
  9. Unparalleled honesty and sharing. You see the world for what it truly is, due to the one-of-a-kind open environment that Jeffrey has created.
  10. You will develop personal and professional relationships through Jeffrey’s community that will last a lifetime.
Hanging off the CN Tower in downtown Toronto
Hanging off the CN Tower in downtown Toronto
Fishing trip in Michigan, before we got down to business
Fishing trip in Michigan, before we got down to business

The group boasts an outstanding retention rate, with many members choosing to continue membership for years.

What our Members are saying

“There is no question in my mind that joining Jeffrey’s landscape peer group has been one of the most beneficial steps I have taken in business. We have made dramatic changes to our business and have just experienced our best year on record (both top line and bottom line).”

John Puryear, President
Puryear Farms, TN

“My profits increased 10-fold since working with Jeffrey Scott”

Brent Nienhuis
Blue Ridge Landscaping, MI

“The money to participate in the Leaders Edge Landscape Peer Group is pennies on the dollar. something you will never regret. Thank you Jeffery for bringing me back and being part of my world.”

Gerry Bower, CEO
TLC Total Lawn Care, TX

“I have been a part of Jeffrey Scott’s Landscape Peer Groups for almost 7 years and the changes have been drastic. We have been able to develop our team, double our revenue, and now that we have reached our 60th anniversary mark, we are positioned to grow strategically to the next level. Jeffrey’s “peel the onion” questioning strategy is phenomenal and has taught each one of us at Gelderman Landscape Services to ask better questions. Jeffrey’s commitment to improving you and your business is unique.”

Nathan Helder, President
Gelderman Landscaping, ON

“Jeffrey has earned my trust. I would advise anyone to join The Leader’s Edge if they want to improve their profits, systems and the ability to compare with other like-companies.”

Brian Edwards, President
Colorburst Landscapes, TN

“Joining Leader’s Edge is a motivator. It motivates by creating a team that shares opportunities, issues and solutions and makes the experience and business judgment of other owners freely available.”

Mark Fockele, President
Fockele Gardens, GA

“In my experience Jeffrey’s landscape peer groups are a great resource for the growth minded business owner looking for a board of trusted advisors within the same industry. I find the group to be very effective for brainstorming new ideas, learning how others approach their business, financial benchmarking and overall improvements within the company.”

Bill Dysert, CEO
Exscape Designs, Ohio

“Since working with Jeffrey for under 2 years, we increased our profits 20-fold, bonused our staff over $35,000, added a full benefits package, bought new land and started building a new facility.”

Jeff Ronhaar, Owner
Jeff’s Lawn Care, ON

“Really enjoyed the “Peer Group Experience”! Valuable, insightful, fun people, good time! Jeffrey did a great job of innovating, organizing, and managing at keeping it real and moving forward! Thanks for the opportunity!”

Reg Robertson, President
Custom Lawn & Landscape, Olathe, KS

“To anyone that is looking for a peer group where like minded individuals can come together in complete confidence to gain invaluable insight to their own business while gaining expert opinion from 10-12 other business owners, I recommend joining one of Jeffrey Scott’s peer groups. Jeffrey takes the time to fully vet applicants who wish to join one of his peer groups to ensure that they will be a good fit.

Over the past 4 years of participating in one of Jeffrey’s Leader’s Edge peer groups I have gained knowledge and tools for deeper understanding of my entire business, and perhaps most importantly–a high level of accountability from my peers. All of this, supported by the relationships with my peers, has fueled my company’s growth in revenue, culture, and professionalism.

My only regret is not joining earlier!”

Loriena Harrington, President
Beautiful Blooms Landscape & Design, Menomonee Falls, WI

Jeff Ronhaar

Brent Nienhuis

Mike Prokopchak

Nathan Helder

Aaron Katerberg

Chris Imlach
Reach out to Jeffrey today to discuss your business goals and see if you’re a fit for his premier Leader’s Edge Landscape Peer Group.