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An expert on achieving dramatic business growth in the contracting industry, Jeffrey is a sought-after speaker. His hot topics cover the big 4: clients, employees, performance, and profitability:. He’s spoken to hundreds of audiences, blending deep industry insights with his unique interactive style and profound business expertise to give truly transformational presentations.

Jeffrey’s customizable, high-value speeches and workshops cover nearly every aspect of the contracting industry. Here are some of his most popular presentations:

Benchmarking & Profit Management:

Benchmark your numbers against the best companies in the industry to make your company more profitable.

Boosting Owner’s Income:

Manage cash flow, assets, profitability, and efficiency to increase your takeaway.

Incentives that Work:

Create company incentives that increase employee buy-in and “ownership thinking” without costing you a single penny.

Time Management & Productivity Techniques:

Get more done in less time—and still have a life outside of work.

Selling in the New Economy:

Use a systematic sales process to get in front of qualified prospects, create more on-target proposals, and close more sales—without selling on price.

Upselling and Cross-selling:

Learn an easy five-step approach to enhancement selling to increase sales to existing clients and grow your profits.

Building Your Brand:

Grow your small or midsized company into a huge brand by standing out from the competition and fueling your profitable growth.

Systematic Referrals:

Gain the referral advantage by using proven techniques to create a non-stop flow of referrals.

Five-Star Customer Service:

Build a customer-centric culture to drive customer loyalty and increase sales, boosting your bottom line.

Marketing and Selling to the Affluent:

Learn how to find, sell, and keep the wealthy homeowner as a loyal client.

10 Roles Highly Effective CEOs use to achieve long-term Success:

Running a profitable and dynamic business requires specific leadership and growth habits.

Strategic Planning:

The strategic sprint: Develop a strategic plan to achieve fast results in your business.

The Big 4: Clients, Employees, Performance, and Profitability:

Gain expert insight on how to improve and leverage these four key business areas for organizational growth.

What Keeps the Owner Up at Night:

Learn how to tackle your biggest fears and challenges as an owner.

Building a Destination CompanyTM:

Attract, cultivate and retain exceptional employees.

Successful Recruiting in the New Century:

Learn how to treat recruiting like online (and offline) marketing and selling.

Transition Planning:

Sell or transition your company with a solid exit strategy in place for maximum profit and a powerful legacy. For family and non-family businesses.

Building Your Wealth as a Business Owner:

Understand the metrics and tools you need to use to measure and increase the true value of your company to outside buyers. Learn how to build your wealth week to week even before you exit your business.

Case Studies on Business Transformation:

Hear some of the most inspiring and successful stories of business transformation within the contracting industry.

Raise Your Standards:

Strive for excellence in all that you do, and it will become a cultural imperative throughout your company.

Creating a Competitive Advantage:

Learn expert ways to create a competitive advantage in the contracting industry.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Quite honestly, Jeffrey gave the most dynamic and valuable talks I saw all week. A bunch were good, but his were great…rocked it!”

Derek Lippert
Quiet Nature, Ontario


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