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The right time to start thinking about your succession and exit strategy is now. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, Jeffrey Scott can help plan the best strategy for you. An expert in family legacy building, exit planning for owners, and succession planning for growing companies, he has worked with all types of companies to develop clear, painless, profitable roadmaps for business changeover.

Jeffrey grew up working in his own family landscape business, which he successfully took over at the age of 34. As an active member of the Center for Family Business in Connecticut, he has studied the topic of family legacy extensively. Jeffrey specializes in guiding his clients through transitions of ownership and control to both family and non-family successors.

Take a look at Jeffrey’s powerful programs to see what’s right for your business:



Building Family Business Legacy

Family Legacy Building

Someday—maybe in a few years, maybe a decade from now—you’d like to hand off your business to your children, grandchildren, or other family members. Jeffrey’s Family Legacy Building program can make this delicate transition a resounding success. Secure the next generation’s role in the company by teaching future successors exactly how the company runs. Make sure that both generations are willing to understand each other’s needs, anxieties, and goals.

This is about handing off your company to a well-prepared family successor who understands the business and has the respect of employees as a credible industry leader. Without proper planning, your family legacy approach can turn into a challenging conflict. Jeffrey helps you create the right plan so both generations win, and it’s never a zero-sum game.

Exit Planning for Owners

Exit strategies can be complex and challenging for any business owner. The Exit Planning for Owners program prepares you for your inevitable company exit, no matter when you plan to leave. In particular, Jeffrey uses a powerful assessment tool to measure the current state of your business, and to identify your strongest exit plan. He then helps you maximize the value of your exit by ensuring the most important areas of your business will survive without you.

Here are the different exit strategies Jeffrey can help you plan:

  1. Sell your business to an external buyer
  2. Sell your business to family
  3. Sell your business to internal managers or employees
  4. Be a semi-active owner and have someone else run parts of your business
  5. Be a passive owner and have someone else run your entire business
  6. Liquidate your business
  7. Run your business for life and stipulate the rest in your will

Succession Planning for Growing Companies

Successful companies need succession planning, too. Jeffrey’s Succession Planning for Growing Companies program is ideal for the fast-growing company that needs help delegating new roles and responsibilities. As your business develops, your organizational structure will change. Every few years, a fast-growing company will go through some type of reorganization and succession planning. Make sure you’re prepared to transition roles and create new ones without compromising operational efficiency or profit growth.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Wish we worked with Jeffrey 10 years ago, glad we pulled the trigger and did it now!”

Paul Reder, CEO
Reder Landscaping, MI


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