July 24, 1pm EST

Giving Back Is Good For Business

with special guest Ed Castro, CEO, Ed Castro Landscapes, Atlanta, GA.

What separates the truly great companies, from the merely good ones? It's how generous and integral they are within their community. Join me and Ed Castro to discuss: Charitable giving and community support, and how it benefits your company's growth, as well as your employees, their families, you, and your family too! Learn the diverse strategies for "giving back," how to make it a daily and monthly focus, and why/how it will strengthen your Destination Company culture. It's not just good, but it's good for business, too!

August 14, 1pm EST

Marketing Strategies that Win Marketshare

with guest speaker Ewan McNeill, Director of Marketing, LMN software

Learn from the Marketing Director of LMN, Ewan McNeill, how they became the dominant software provider to the landscape industry, and how they continue to build their client base and network, using social media and marketing. You will also learn from Ewan and Jeffrey Scott what are the best social media strategies being used in (and outside) the green industry today. You will learn leading edge tactics to build your business.

September 18, 1pm EST

The Role of the G.M.

with a special guest, Ashly Neneman, GM, Sun Valley Landscaping, Omaha, NE

Should your company have a COO or GM? and if so, what is their role? You will learn from a discussion with a real-life great GM of a highly successful landscape firm. Be prepared to change your view on how to organize your leadership team for future growth. This webinar will permanently change and lift your perspective!

October 9th, 1pm

The Value of a Super Leadership Team

with special guest, Jason Craven, CEO, Southern Botanical, Dallas, TX.

Have you ever asked yourself "What's holding my company from reaching the next level?" and "Is there a silver bullet for growth?" Yes there is: By building a Super Leadership Team that will raise up your employees and steer your company towards healthy, speedy and profitable growth. Join us as we discuss how to build and staff this team; what works, what doesn't, and other real life case studies.

November 13, 1pm EST

Building an Irresistible High-End Brand

with special guest, Pam Dooley, Owner, Plants Creative Landscapes, Decatur, GA

Winning over high-end clientele means honing your brand (both your external and internal brand) so that your toughest and best clients are delighted by their experience working with your company. Pam Dooley (CEO of Plants) and I will share with you hard-fought lessons, case studies, and examples of do's and never-do's. Get excited, take notes, you don't want to miss this!

December 4, 1pm EST

Transitioning from Operator to Owner

with special guest, Mike La Rosa, President, La Rosa Landscape Company, Cedarburg, WI

Running a landscape business is hard work, when do you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor? It starts by changing your mindset from Operator to CEO to Owner. In this webinar Jeffrey (and Mike La Rosa) will share war stories and successful case studies of landscape entrepreneurs who have made the shift—or not. Learn what it takes to grow from operator, to CEO, to Owner of your business.