Would you like to learn the secret weapon shared by the best landscape companies?...

It's no secret that labor is your biggest headache, but it should become your biggest strength and advantage. That is what we will address in this workshop. How to attract the right people. And how to develop, motivate, retain and fully engage them, so that you can build a business that is predictable, scalable, and highly profitable.

Your company should become a destination for great employees to plant and grow their careers. Why is this important? Because it will allow you to build a self-sustaining company with higher profit margins, and more freedom for you to work on your business. This two-day, interactive workshop (with acclaimed guest speakers), will show you how to build the company of your dreams, so you can enjoy the life of your dreams.

About the presenter: Jeffrey Scott has worked in the industry for 30+ years and has consulted with 100's of companies across the nation. He has published 3 books including "Destination Company." He will share with you the secrets, what works, and how to implement them.

You'll learn how to:

Attract career-minded employees so that you can overcome the frustrations of constant turnover, and gain new momentum building your business. I will share my 5 steps to attracting the best, so you can shift your mindset from mindless recruiting to one of business building.
Onboard new employees for maximum return. You know that onboarding is important, but you may not be sure of the most efficient way to do it—especially in the heat of the season, and especially if you lose employees as quick as you hire them. We'll walk you through the exact process (with our "10 Engagement Secrets") to onboard effectively and fully engage new hires (and current employees) for maximum impact.
Create a culture of accountability and excellence, so that all decisions made by employees are based on the company's values, priorities and governing principles. You will learn how to build a culture that will drive excellence, consistency, and growth—without you being stuck in the weeds of every decision. Learn how to bring your culture to life, in a unique fashion so that you will stand out from the competition.
Implement a systems way-of-life, with better people and production systems, with full employee buy-in, so that more employees follow your systems, more consistently, for greater efficiency and productivity. We will review my Million Dollar Systems Blueprint, and you will learn which systems to implement first, and how to do it step-by-step, in order to create a process-driven company.
Organize your leadership roles for ownership thinking, so that your company will be more self-run, and poised for higher growth. This will allow you to better steer growth, with less stress and headaches, in a way that will free you up to work "on" the business.
Use "Open Book" management, to achieve highest profit possible. You will learn how to provide your employees with company financial information—to the degree you are comfortable—which will enable them to make more profitable decisions for your business. This will allow your incentive systems to gain more traction with higher margins.
BONUS, You will also leave with
  1. A Destination Company® Workbook, so you can implement all the ideas you learn
  2. Incentive systems ready to implement
  3. A Destination Company® Assessment to use with your team back at work, to get everyone's buy in and uncover high-priority weaknesses.
  4. A Destination Company® Tool Box of proven people systems

JOIN US for the Destination Company®
VIP Dinner.

Enjoy an optional VIP networking dinner after the first day's session. Space is
limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Day 1
Morning sessions
  • Set up your Road Map to become a Destination Company®.
  • Monetize Your Vision - Make it pragmatically real, make it count.
  • Culture Is Your Profit Center: build a strong culture, and your culture will run your business.
  • Building your bench: Attracting great employees and creating dream teams.
LUNCH included

Afternoon sessions
  • Guest Speaker #1: Successful entrepreneur/owner shares his journey building a Destination Company®.
  • Assess your people systems, where are they strong? weak? Let's fill in the holes.
  • On-boarding and engaging new employees for maximum return on investment of time and money.
  • Networking: Sharing best practices, applying the day's lessons to your business.

VIP Dinner - sign up separately
Day 2
Morning sessions
  • Questions from yesterday, tying up loose ends.
  • Shared Leadership: Developing bulletproof systems with full employee buy-in.
  • Foster ownership thinking with 'Open Book Management': Leading and growing by the numbers.
  • Open Book Management, continued: Win-win Incentive systems.
LUNCH included

Afternoon sessions
  • Guest Speaker #2: Successful Entrepreneur/owner shares his secrets, wins and losses.
  • Building a Super Leadership Team: to implement these ideas, to build and run your business.
  • Pulling it altogether: Leave with a custom, actionable implementation plan.

The workshop also includes a tremendous line up of guest speakers who will share with you how they built their companies where good employees want to plant and grow a career.



How many days away from work will this take?
It starts mid morning on day 1 (9am) and ends early on day 2 (3:30) so you can spend just one night (or two max) in a hotel.
Is it worth the cost?
You get a discount for signing up early, and for bringing multiple people. We would be shocked If you can't get a minimum 10 times return on investment. You won't get this level of education anywhere else!
Not sure who to send, do I have to go myself?
Sending a team is a great way to bring back a shared memory of the learning points. You can bring a second in command, or you can send your leadership team if you can't make it yourself. We will cover both ownership-related issues, as well as business-building ideas.
Is this about HR or about business building?
In the words of Barry Schneider from Surrounds Landscape: I thought this was about building up employees until I read the book, then I realized it was about building a great business!
Wouldn't this better to wait till the off-season for this topic?
The best companies, no matter their size, do strategic planning every quarter. You can't work in only annual calendars and expect to build a great business. You need a break now to digest the spring and early summer, and set a plan how to finish the year stronger.
Do I have to sit still for 8 hours?
Jeffrey's events are very interactive, with plenty of breaks, networking, and break-out exercises that will allow you ample time to move around and discuss what you are learning and get to know others in the audience. It will be fun and energizing; time will fly.
Who is Jeffrey Scott? Is he any good?
Jeffrey has been in the business for over 30 years and a member of NALP for over 2 decades. He has successfully consulted with 100's of landscape firms, and written hundreds of articles and spoken across the US and Canada on topics focused on building landscape firms. When you hear him speak you will be energized and come away with very actionable ideas to build your business. He has run his own highly successful landscape firm, and turned around many, and helped good companies become great. Google his name, or look at his website for much more info, www.JeffreyScott.biz


"I like this a lot! You have hit on the main ideas perfectly."
J. Landon Reeve,
Chapel Valley, MD
"Jeffrey nailed it!"
Paul Fraynd,
Sun Valley Landscape,
NE; and NALP Board Member
"Now is the perfect time for Jeffrey's blueprint for building a Destination Company®, His approach is simple and genius."
Shayne Newman,
Yard Apes, CT;
and NALP Board Member
"Jeffrey has identified the barriers to success, and transformed our old fashioned systems into a better way to approach our people issues."
Heidi Heiland,
Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens, MN
"Jeffrey really understands how to take a business from good to great"
Jay Murray,
TLC Landscapes, ON, and President of Greenius