Simple Systems: What You Can Learn From a Pizzeria

Dec 5, 2023 | Financial, Growth Tips, Income, Management, Planning

Over Thanksgiving I took my kids to the local NY style pizzeria in Blue Ridge, GA.

The owner, my neighbor, invited us to come to his shop (Cucinella’s Pizzeria) to learn how to make thin crust pizza.

Pizza School

It was a super busy weekend, but he made time to teach us (while his restaurant was cranking out pizza.)

We each got to stretch and toss the dough, ladle the sauce, and create our own custom pizzas.

As I walked around the pizzeria I saw his simple systems hanging on the wall; it made me smile! (Photos below)

He has check lists on how to stock, how to open and close, and a few other key procedures.

Keeping It Simple.

Mr Cucinella had built and run so many pizzerias he figured it all out. Now he was down to his last store, which he actually opened during his retirement.

All he sells are pizzas, salads, sodas, pre-made lasagna, and some misc items. That’s it.

You could not even buy beer.

He made a deal with the craft brewer next door. Buy your beer there, or bring your pizza with you to drink over there. That’s pizza synergy!

This simple recipe for success allows him to make serious dough, while keeping a line out the door using the highest quality ingredients imported from Italy.

Is Your Company Over Complex?

After the holidays we visited Gardens of Babylon in Nashville for our peer group meeting.

The two brothers/owners are great at systems – it’s one of their superpowers that has helped them scale their business faster than most other members.

Our peer group members learned a ton from them. And one piece of feedback we gave them: Simplify your systems by 20%.

It’s the 80-20 rule in reverse.

Use only 80% of your systems, but make them simpler so that even the newest 20% of your team could run them with ease.

Your challenge: Inspect What You Expect.

If you want your team to lock in on key systems, it’s best review them regularly.

One member of this peer group, Anthony Oldener, <b”>Oceanview Landscapes, Long Island, NY, showed us how he reviews his systems weekly with his team, to hold them accountable.

It’s crazy! (Crazy like a fox.)

Three final thoughts:

  1. Assign your systems to specific people.
  2. Hold them accountable regularly.
  3. Keep your business simple like a pizzeria, so that you can scale easily and make lots of dough.

Regards, Jeffrey “thin crust” Scott!

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Photos: My wife and I with the Mr Cucinella, two of his systems hanging on the wall, and my kids getting expert pizza instruction.