Something Amazing Happened Last Week

Jan 16, 2018 | Employees, Growth Tips, Leadership, Management, Productivity, Strategy, Time Management, Training, Workshops

In case you missed the most amazing conference last week, “Effective CEO/COO Partnerships,” here are  10 takeaway’s from the event, as told to me by the participants.

  1. I need to plan more “us” time for my COO and myself, in order to do real planning and for me to effectively share the vision and such. We communicate a lot in passing but we rarely have formal one-on-one meetings.The success of our company depends on it!
  2. The most successful companies work with daily success metrics. I should be watching our profits daily, as well as weekly and monthly.
  3. Let each other shine. It doesn’t have to be just me.
  4. Be ultra-clear about which responsibilities fall to each of the players in management. This can’t only be an organic process.  It has to be clearly defined in writing so both of us understand what we are expected to take care of.
  5. I have “arrived” when I decide I have. Once I have arrived I have permission to be more giving, more generous and more of a leader. Even if my clients and staff are giving me confirmation (or not) I have to believe it myself and live it every day.
  6. Simple, open, honest communication. Don’t let the sun go down on a misunderstanding with key personnel.
  7. High performers operate ‘one day at a time’.  Whether it is a goal of building a relationship, or finding a COO, or keeping score of the wins and loses. Don’t wait for a year-end report card. Slow things down so I am more proactive taking smaller bites with constant reflection.
  8. The best reason for growth is so that my team members will know there is opportunity for them to grow, too.
  9. As a leader, do the crap jobs sometimes.
  10. The biggest thing I took away was inspiration. There were many practical things I can do, and I will choose 2-3 to implement but it just inspired me and made me excited to own my own business again. I get to paint my own picture:)

Thank you again to the leaders of Mariani Landscape, Sun Valley Landscaping, and Swazy & Alexander for sharing your open honest stories and advice.