Episode #153 – Staying Small While Scaling to $200M+ with Phil Key

jeffrey scott and phil key

Phil Key, President and Partner of Ruppert Landscape, and board member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, has a unique impact on our industry.

Phil started working part-time at Ruppert Landscape when he was 15, and full time for over 22 years with 30+ years industry experience. He and Jeffrey Scott discuss what makes Ruppert so successful, how the new normal is impacting Ruppert Landscape, and what strategies they have put in place to continue their growth curve.

Phil also shares his biggest professional regret and his biggest business challenge.

Ruppert Landscape is a giant in the industry, doubling from $110M to $210M over the last five years.

2 thoughts on “Episode #153 – Staying Small While Scaling to $200M+ with Phil Key

  1. 22:30 – Frank Ross was possibly that industry consultant. He helped set up our chart of accounts in the early 70’s and I believe that he still works with Kevin Kehoe.

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