Swimming Pools Are a Secret Weapon For Growth

Jul 18, 2023 | Growth Tips, Leadership, Peer Groups, Productivity, Strategy

Should you add swimming pools as a profit center to your company?

Last week a long-time client and friend mentioned to me that he is in talks to purchase a pool company. It’s a father and son business, and the father wants to retire.

Pools are a big trend in our industry.

While I can’t tell you who this client is just yet (hint, I did a podcast with him a while back.)

I can share with you my most recent podcast that just dropped, with Kevin Werbrich (Werbrich Landscaping, OH) and Tim O’Connor (LCI Landscapes, MN)

Our discussion highlights how they each take advantage of the pool market in their own unique way.

The podcast will help you see the benefits of marketing pools, working with a pool company, and buying or starting up your own.

Backstory: Why do I love pools?

My grandfather was the first gunite pool builder in Connecticut.

When he returned from WWII, he was badly shot up and had to rehabiliate in NYC before returning home.

(He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and escaped certain death by crawling off the battle field after laying still, pretending he was dead.)

While convalescing in NYC, he overlooked a construction site full of huge earth moving equipment. He dreamt of getting out of the septic cleaning business, which he had left his wife to run while he fought in Europe.

When he finally got home to Woodbury CT, he learned that his wife had run that septic business so profitably, that she saved every single Army paycheck he mailed home.

She gave him a basket of checks as his welcome home present.

My grandfather was able to use that money to set up shop as a construction company that ultimately focused on building swimming pools.

And the rest is history.

Enjoy the podcast and tell me about your swimming pool strategy?!

Note: my “The Ultimate Landscape CEO” podcast can be found on all major podcast services.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

Kevin & Tim join Jeffrey to discuss how they are growing their companies by selling pools and/or being part of the pool sale.