Take Advantage of the Strongest Economy Ever

Aug 20, 2021 | Employees, Growth Tips

If you are middle aged, this is the strongest economy you will ever experience in your working lifetime.

And if you are younger, this great economy will subside at some point…

Either way—do not let it slip by.

Take advantage, not just by adding more clients, but by taking new risks and growing your business foundation!

The Leaders That Get You to $1B

The co-founder of Home Depot (Arthur Blank) asked the founder of Toys R Us (Charles Lazarus) “What’s a mistake I should avoid now that my company is going public?”

He said “The leaders that get you to 1B won’t get you to 10B.”

So, Blank made the decision to hire overqualified people for key positions (he had to convince them!). This allowed him to keep scaling without replacing key players mid-flight!

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The 10X Rule

If you want to grow 10 times the size, you need different sets of leaders, or you need people who can also grow ten times!

Your Challenge—Stop chasing new business and start chasing (and developing) new leaders.

When Home Depot brings in a new leader, they are put on the floor to work in a store.

Do you do that? Or something similar?

For example, a while back the newly hired treasurer for Home Depot (Carol Tomé) had to put on an apron and serve clients in every single dept. She ground it out and was eventually promoted to CFO.

And 20 years later she was recruited away and became CEO of UPS!

What an inspiring career path.

The lesson: To take advantage of this economy and grow like Home Depot, you need people who can grow like Carol Tomé did.

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