Technology is Changing the Landscape (of Landscaping)

Jan 13, 2020 | Strategy, Uncategorized, Webinar

When I landed at the new airport in New Orleans last week, I simply pulled out my phone and quickly caught a ride home (for cheaper than a taxi would charge!)

It’s no longer a taxi company giving me a ride, it’s now a “technology” company that has replaced the taxi industry.

Automobile companies used to make the fastest and coolest cars…now a tech company makes a super fast electric car that has caught everyone’s attention (Tesla.)

Who makes more home stereo speakers than Sonos?

Both Google and Amazon do.

Technology companies will be rapidly changing the landscape of our industry. Are you ready?

How to grow with technology?

For you to achieve the same growth this next decade that you enjoyed in the last decade, you have to start acting and thinking more like a tech company.

You must be willing to implement technology at all levels of your business, even the levels you aren’t thinking about (and there are many!)

That’s why I have put together the Landscape Technology Summit (as a virtual webinar series) so this winter you can identify opportunities for improving efficiency, productivity, and scalability of your business.

I made this summit virtual…heck, it is about technology so you should be able to attend on your iPhone, right?

I want the good guys and gals to win…and that’s you!

To learn how this Landscape Technology Summit will help you prepare for the future, go here.

Don’t forget high touch

Back in 1980, John Naisbitt (the author of the best-seller, Mega Trends) predicted that the rise of high technology would require high touch.

That’s good news for you, if you can stay close to your customers, build the relationships and systems they want, and they will stick with you and refer you.

Your Challenges are twofold:

Identify how to stay “high touch” in this high tech world, and learn how to embrace technology in all aspects of your business, not just with your operational software, but everywhere.