Testimonial from John Puryear

Jan 16, 2017 | Peer Groups

There is no question in my mind that joining Jeffrey’s landscape peer group has been one of the most beneficial steps I have taken in business. I first met Jeffrey at the Green Industry Conference in Louisville. He was hosting a table at the annual Breakfast of Champions event. He challenged my perception of “what is an acceptable net profit margin in this industry”. I was skeptical of his claims but I proceeded to read his book. In just fourteen months since working with Jeffrey, we have made dramatic changes to our business and have just experienced our best year on record (both top line and bottom line).

Although Jeffrey is very knowledgeable and has a great deal of industry experience; I believe that the true value of his service is his unique strength of gathering together people of like-minds to solve problems through effective collaboration and sharing of ideas and experiences. Being a member of his landscape peer group–The Leader’s Edge–offers me the chance to be accountable to someone, other than myself, for the first time in twenty five years of business.

John Puryear, President
Puryear Farms, TN